University of Ioannina: open schooling events

Published On: 1 November 2023

With the end of the schoolyear, June 2023, the PAFSE high schools supervised by UOI, organized their open schooling events. Eleven schools enacted the scenarios “The mathematical representation of an epidemic: the case of SIR (Susceptible, Infectious, or Recovered) modeling” (5 schools), “Social determinants of health during an epidemic/pandemic outbreak” (4), “Function of vaccines, vaccination hesitancy and misinformation” (7), and “Cognitive and affective determinants of health during an epidemic/pandemic outbreak for students with Intellectual Disabilities” (1) and organized their events in collaboration with stakeholders.

Specialists on Science and STEM education, University professors from the fields of Chemistry, Immunology, Medicine, Special Education, School Advisors, Medical Doctors, Public Health Supervisors, Public Health specialists from regions and municipalities, teachers, and parents were among the stakeholders who co-organized and presented the events.

It is noteworthy that during the scenario enactments teachers and students applied other than the usual instructional methods. Students integrated inquiry-based techniques, project-based techniques, acted as researchers by interacting with real and virtual experiments, conducted empirical studies, acted out of their schools.

The open schooling events motivated other students to enact the PAFSE scenarios and teachers to participate in the coming workshops.

University of Ioannina: open schooling events