PAFSE Networks

Collaboration is the core of PAFSE – Partnerships in Science Education since it is crucial for developing science education projects. Networking with open schooling projects can help facilitate this.

​Connecting with projects with similar goals, can help PAFSE to improve the quality of the project’s outputs by providing feedback and suggestions for improvement and can also lead to joint initiatives, such as science fairs, symposia, and workshops, which can promote cross-learning, enhance collaboration, and broaden the network. Such partnerships can also foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, enabling project participants to work together towards shared goals.

Furthermore, the synergies help raise the profile of the science education projects involved, creating awareness, and increasing its impact and reach.

PAFSE – Partnerships for Science Education project aims to extend science education networks and, in the long term, a new European association prepared to support policy actions.​​

PAFSE consortium is also working in the development of the science education clusters around schools engaging different types of stakeholders (see relative information).

Logo of OTTER (EU-funded project)

OTTER is an EU-funded project that aims to spark young people’s interest in science and environmental sustainability with the help of
Education Outside the Classroom tools and methodologies.

  • Colette Schrodi, Communication Officer at European Science Foundation

OStogether logo

OS Together clusters several Horizon projects that promote open schooling, a concrete and innovative way of approaching science education programs by fostering collaboration between schools and local communities.

All the projects involved in this joint science education initiative encourage collaboration between schools and local communities, empowering students, teachers, and community members to develop research and innovation projects that address local challenges, promote community development, and foster responsible and active citizens.

Together, these projects aim to transform European schools becoming hotbeds of innovation and agents of community well-being.

OS Together members include Schools as Living Labs, Make it Open, OSHub, PHERECLOS, PULCHRA, CONNECT, MOST and PAFSE.

logo: COSMOS Project

COSMOS is short for ‘Creating Organisational Structures for Meaningful science education through Open Schooling for all’. The project’s overall goal is to leverage socio-scientific inquiry-based learning (SSIBL) as a pedagogical means for opening up schools to their communities.

Cosmos collaborates with primary and secondary schools across Europe, aiming to create new partnerships within communities that can foster science education for all citizens.

Its objectives are to:

  1. establish school organizational structures that support open schooling
  2. embed school openness, through implementing our specific science pedagogy ‘SSIBL’
  3. ensure the viability and sustainability of open schooling
  • Jelle Boeve-de Pauw, PhD