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PAFSE Project

PAFSE is a science education project that addresses the challenges of public health.

PAFSE explores science education as a vehicle to provide citizens the knowledge, tools and skills to make informed decisions on public health challenges. The project promotes community preparedness, by focusing on risk factors for the health condition of individuals, but also on the pre-emptive and protective behaviours from a personal and population perspective, contributing to more literate communities on healthy lifestyles, injury prevention, as well as detection, prevention, and response to infectious diseases.

PAFSE establishes partnerships between schools, universities, non-formal education providers, enterprises, and civil society organisations, and engages them in efforts to enrich Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education to include public health issues.

With a focus on building a strong interdisciplinary team, the project consortium integrates in the educational programme views from biologists, psychologists, environmental health specialists, mathematicians, engineers, project managers, science educators, public health professionals, policy makers and researchers.


PAFSE develops digital learning packages for public health education and applies project-based learning to engage a wide range of actors in addressing public health challenges through an open schooling framework. The project connects students, teachers, medical professionals, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, software developers, public intellectuals, science educators, science communicators, in the joint efforts of local educational partnerships of stakeholders centered around schools.

PAFSE collaborative school-based activities contribute to students’ and citizens’ literacy in a set of public health threats that need to be approached by concerted action, with a focus on epidemics. Other challenges, such as child obesity, chronic illness, climate change, road traffic accidents, and vaccine hesitancy, will be included in the educational provisions.

We anticipate that the proposed educational activities will have an impact on the students’ interests, competences and choices related to science curricula and careers. The project will also increase the global population awareness and preparation to deal with future epidemics and indirectly to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

In the long term, the partnerships established by PAFSE will be extended into science education networks and a new European association particularly prepared to provide support for policy actions.


Photodentro PAFSE

A European Educational Resource Repository for STEM digital learning resources for Public Health Education

Photodentro PAFSE (photodentro.pafse.eu) is a European Educational Resource Repository for hosting, organizing, systematically classifying, documenting, and disseminating STEM digital learning resources. It was developed in the context of the PAFSE (PArtnerships for Science Education) European Project, initially to host all learning resources for Health Education that will be developed or identified/customized in the context of the project. After the end of the project, the repository will serve as a European Repository of STEM learning resources for Public Health Education.

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e-me Digital Educational Platform (European edition, for all)

e-me is a collaborative, social and extendable Digital Educational Platform, a digital working and collaboration space for pupils and teachers.

It is a personal learning environment which supports creation of private and public collaboration spaces (hives), communication and social networking, organization, storage and exchange of files on the cloud, easy creation of digital, interactive educational objects, assigning and monitoring of tasks, creation of e-portfolios, display of work via collaborative and personal blogs, use of open educational resources, while it further provides digital “tools” to support teaching and learning.

The current installation of e-me (e-me4all.eu) is the European edition of “e-me for all” that was customized in the context of the PAFSE project (PArtnerships For Science Education).

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