Science education activities at Cristiano Ronaldo Academy

Published On: 12 January 2023
Cristiano Ronaldo Academy

On the 11th of january students from Escola Secundária da Ramada visited #cristianoronaldo academy. The learning activities were organized under the scope of the partnership between Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Sporting Clube de Portugal for #PAFSE project. We are happy to share the school feedback!


“We are grateful for the opportunity given to the students of Escola Secundária da Ramada to visit the Cristiano Ronaldo Academy.

The dynamics developed by the various actors at the academy were very dynamic and constituted an added value for the psychosocial development of our students, as well as for the acquisition of healthier habits and lifestyles. We highlight the friendliness and welcome, as well as the interactivity and adequacy of the themes to the age group of the students. The lectures addressed various topics in a holistic view, deconstructing the idea of compartmentalizing knowledge that is often internalized in our students. The technicians who facilitated the various lectures were very accessible and dynamic, managing to capture the students’ attention for two hours, which, naturally, would be unthinkable given the age group.

On behalf of the School, our thanks to the PAFSE coordination and the Cristiano Ronaldo Academy, which provided a different learning day.

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