Celebrating International Science Day at the National School of Public Health with the PAFSE Project

Published On: 30 November 2023
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In a remarkable event held on November 24th, the Partnerships for Science Education (PAFSE) Project came together with various stakeholders and partner schools to commemorate International Science Day. Hosted at the National School of Public Health, the celebration saw the participation of esteemed stakeholders, including AMI, Farmácias Holon, Sporting Clube de Portugal, and many others.
The event was marked by a diverse array of activities designed for both students and adults. Throughout the day, participants engaged in hands-on experiments, physical activities, and insightful discussions, fostering a spirit of curiosity and scientific inquiry.
The collaboration between PAFSE and its partners showcased the commitment to promoting science education and its relevance in addressing contemporary challenges. The presence of diverse stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, educators, and representatives from the sports industry, highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the project.
The day showed how committed the PAFSE Project and its investigators are in promoting science literacy and building valuable partnerships that help advance education and public health. The event’s success highlights the joint effort to encourage a new generation of learners and emphasize science’s significance in our society.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this day, and in its organization. We look forward to seeing you in future events.