PAFSE at the 1st High School of Agios Dimitrios (Greece) – Part 2

Published On: 1 November 2023
PAFSE at the 1st High School of Agios Dimitrios (Attica, Greece)- Part 2

Within the framework of the PAFSE program, the students of the 1st Junior High School of Agios Dimitrios (Attica, Greece) actively engaged in the educational scenario titled ” Social determinants of health during epidemic/pandemic outbreak” which was carried out under the guidance of their teachers, Katerina Asimakopoulou, Eirini Kovaiou, and Anastasios Koimas.

As part of the program, Dr. Eustratia Simou, Associate Professor of Communication, Mass Media, and Public Health in the Department of Public Health Policy at the University of Western Attica, visited the school as an invited speaker. During her visit, she addressed the topic of “Misinformation and Vaccine Hesitancy” and took the time to respond to students’ questions.