PAFSE at Arsakeio High School at Ioannina

Published On: 5 April 2023
PAFSE at Arsakeio High School at Ioannina

On February 22, 2023, researchers Ioanna Bellou, and Tassos Mikropoulos, from the UOI PAFSE team visited the Arsakeio High School at Ioannina.

The Arsakeio High School organized an event and a visit to a pilot classroom.

Among the participants of the event were junior and senior high school teachers, elementary teachers and principals, students, other members of the Arsakeio schools, and the representative of a social cooperative enterprise. After the PAFSE presentation, a fruitful discussion followed.

During the second part of the visit, the PAFSE attended a two-hours lesson concerning the scenario “Function of vaccines, vaccination hesitancy and misinformation”. The lesson was student-centered, project-based, and STEM-oriented. Thank you Arsakeio!