PAFSE open schooling event at the 1st Special High School and Senior High School of Eastern Thessaloniki

Published On: 4 May 2023
1st special high school and senior high school at Eastern Thessaloniki

A special day in a special school
The PAFSE open event of the 1st special high school and senior high school at Eastern Thessaloniki was organized on April 28, 2023.
The students together with their school teacher Mr. Panos Mallidis-Malessas and his colleagues Mrs. Martha Giannakidou, Mr. Antonis Mihalakis, and Mr. Andreas Palaskas presented the results of their work on the educational scenario “Cognitive and affective determinants of health during an epidemic/pandemic outbreak for students with Intellectual Disabilities”. Invited speaker Mrs. Niki Tzouanopoulou, Public Health Supervisor, presented relevant topics. The event was a collaboration with the PAFSE team members Tassos Mikropoulos, Ioanna Bellou, Kostas Georgopoulos, and Georgia Iatraki. The school principal Mrs. Magdalini Karra presented the PAFSE project to the participants. Among the participants were other students and teachers, students’ parents, the Science School Advisor, and the Special Education School Advisor of the region.
Each student at the special school presented the results from their survey on pandemic, viruses, vaccines, zoonosis, misinformation, etc. At the end of the event, each student received their certifications.