Geographical implementation and clusters @ PAFSE project

Published On: February 21st, 2022
map of Europe, where places in Portugal, Poland, Greece and Cyprus are pinned

PAFSE is working with public and private organizations to build health educational clusters around schools in 4 European countries – Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus. Are you interested to join?

Are you a NGO, an enterprise, a civil society, or a governmental organization, interested to collaborate in learning activities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, to enact inside and outside the classroom? Interested to boost students’ awareness about STEM disciplines, related business, and professions, connect with the goals of sustainable development, engage in health education, with appropriate use of blended methods, online and face-to-face activities, in science platforms, research centers, science classes, laboratories, business organizations, and other community settings?

Are you a teacher or a researcher interested to collaborate in the design of educational resources and enactment of learning scenarios for innovative health education, targeting 12-15 years-old students, attending science clubs, science, physics, chemistry, technology classes? Or interested to exchange good practice in STEM and public education?

Please connect, stay tuned, comment on PAFSE social networks and email us (